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MailRaider – a website email address finder

MailRaider employs different approaches when searching for email addresses, so its success rate is much higher compared to the known competitors. It works best for small and medium websites.

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About MailRaider

MailRaider is an effective B2B email investigation tool for getting business contacts (e-mail addresses), even if they are hidden from a first or even a second view. It consistently uses five different mechanisms for getting email contacts, so its success rate is much higher compared to the known competitors.

Success Rate

Contrary to many known competitors (e.g., MailRaider can find emails in realtime (if they were not found before), so it works even for the new websites. Give us a try: our success rate is above 85%.

API Integration

MailRaider provides a simple API access for a hassle-free automatization. Get 100 API units for free instantly.


MailRaider can be used by marketing agencies and sales teams to contact prospect customers, as well as for information websites and directories for enriching their listings with actual email addresses.


Pay-as-you-go, no monthly plans, no subscriptions.

One request costs one API unit. We charge for successful requests only, no results – no charge.

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